Other releases


2011 Singles Club

release date: between October and December 2011


  1. Monster
  2. Renegade
  3. Hello Cold World
  4. In the Mourning


  • the songs were recorded in March 2011
  • the EP was available for digital download
  • there were limited number of physical copies of the EP

2010 Summer Tour EP

release date: August 10, 2010

1. Ignorance, live (Paramore)
2. My Heart, live (Paramore)
3. Back in Your Head, live (Tegan and Sara)
4. Sheets” (Tegan and Sara)
5. I’m The Fool (New Found Glory)
6. Gonna Stay (Kadawatha)


  • the EP was released while the Honda Civic Tour in 2010
  • On July 20, 2010 available through iTunes

The Summer Tic EP

release date: August 2, 2006

1. Emergency
2. Oh Star
3. Stuck on You (Failure Cover)
4. This Circle


  • The EP was sold while the Warped Tour in 2006
  • The title of the EP represents the lyrics from ”Struck on You”

Live albums

The Final Riot!

release date: November 28, 2008


1. Born for This
2. That’s What You Get
3. Here We Go Again
4. Fences
5. Crushcrushcrush
6. Let the Flames Begin
7. When It Rains
8. My Heart
9. Decoy
10. Pressure
11. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
12. We Are Broken
13. Emergency
14. Hallelujah
15. Misery Business


  • The DVD was filmed in Chicago during The Final Riot! Tour across America on August 12, 2008,
  • The DVD contains so-called behind-the-scenes footage entitled 40 Days of Riot!,
  • The limited deluxe edition of the DVD contains a special documentary entitled 40 MORE Days of Riot! and a 36-color-page booklet showing the tour,
  • On March 17th 2009 The Final Riot! was certified Gold in U.S.

Live in the UK 2008

release date: 
January 30, 2008
February 1, 2008
February 4, 2008


Disc 1:
1. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
2. Born for This
3. Emergency
4. Never Let This Go
5. Fences
6. Let the Flames Begin
7. When It Rains

Disc 2:
1. Crushcrushcrush
2. Pressure
3. Here We Go Again
4. That’s What You Get
5. My Heart
6. Decoy
7. Misery Business


  • The album was released as a limited edition album featuring three live Paramore performances in Manchester, Brighton and Birmingham during the UK part of European Tour 2008,
  • A cover of Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World which was a part of the setlist was not added to the live albums because of licencing rights,
  • Decoy and Misery Business was performed as encore songs,
  • It is believed that the live albums were released in 1000 copies.


Muppets: The Green Album the soundtrack of The Muppets movie, which was enriched by the song Rainbow Connection by Weezer and Hayley Williams. Williams admitted that the song was recorded before album ‘brand new eyes’ was recorded and released. Whole thing was released in August 2011.

Transformers: Dark of the Moo is the fourth soundtrack Paramore contributed to during their career. Monster has been recorded especially for it and it was released on 3rd June 2011 on official YouTube channel of Fueled By Ramen and in Radio 1. Also, it’s the second song promoting the movie with music video, which was actually directed by Shane Drake. Soundtrack was released on 14th June 2011. Aside from Paramore, another performers involved in were, among others, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Goo Goo Dolls, Skillet or Mastodon.

Jennifer’s Body: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is obviously the soundtrack of Jennifer’s Body movie, which was enriched by the song Teenagers by Hayley Williams. She admitted that track has nothing to do with Paramore and it has actually been written by Williams for her sake. Fueled By Ramen asked Hayley for permission to use her creation in soundtrack and she agreed, granted, that her composition won’t be promoted media in any way. Whole thing was released in August 2009.

Twilight: Soundtrack is the second and as yet, the most famous soundtrack with Paramore’s tracks included. Band had to find their place among other well-known artists and made their way there because of Decode, which became the main movie-promoting song. Apart from Decode, there is also I Caught Myself to be found on this album. Soundtrack was released in October 2008.