Hayley Williams signs a letter to Barack Obama!

British singer Kate Nash shared a open letter to Barack Obama about the Dakota Pipeline and Hayley Williams is among over 130 musicians who signed it!

„I want to write a letter for musicians to sign, expressing how disturbed they are by the police actions taking place at Standing Rock,” said Nash. A full letter, and the names of all the engaged musicians, can be found here. #GoHayley

This issue revolves around a pipeline being built by Energy Transfer Partners which is due to transport oil from North Dakota to Illinois daily. It intends to travel underneath the Missouri River which is the main water source for the Sioux tribe. Beyond the risks of their water supply becoming contaminated, the tribe also argues that the pipe interferes with sacred grounds which belong to them as Native Americans according to agreements known as the Fort Laramie treaties. The Sioux claim that the federal government didn’t do enough to involve them while seeking a permit for the pipeline, a matter which would defy federal law. via noisey.vice.com