paramorealbumAfter Laughter

release date: May 12, 2017

producer: Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Taylor York


1 Hard Times 3:02
2 Rose-Colored Boy 3:32
3 Told You So 3:08
4 Forgiveness 3:39
5 Fake Happy 3:55
6 26 3:41
7 Pool 3:52
8 Grudges 3:07
9 Caught In the Middle 3:34
10 Idle Worship 3:18
11 No Friend 3:23
12 Tell Me How 4:20


release date: April 9, 2013

producer: Justin Meldal-Johnsen


1. Fast In My Car (3:43)
2. Now (4:11)
3. Grow Up (3:51)
4. Daydreaming (4:31)
5. interlude: Moving On (1:30)
6. Ain’t It Fun (4:57)
7. Part II (4:41)
8. Last Hope (5:10)
9. Still Into You (3:36)
10. Anklebiters (2:18)
11. interlude: Holiday (1:10)
12. Proof (3:15)
13. Hate To See Your Heart Break (5:09)
14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls (3:33)
15. interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore (0:53)
16. Be Alone (3:40)
17. Future (7:51)


After the departure of Farro brothers in December 2010, Paramore as a trio – Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis – entered the studio in Los Angeles on 2nd of June 2012. At the beginning of 2012, the band started looking for the best producer of their new music. After a couple of meetings, Paramore announced that their fourth studio album will be produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen. At the end of 2012, the band revealed that the upcoming album, ready to release on 9th of April 2013, will be titled „Paramore.” The official statement about the record says that the album has been self-titled through nearly the entire process.


The first single promoting an album, released on January 22, 2013, was song „Now”, which did not debut on Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. The single had however made it to #16 on Hot Rock Songs and #13 on Alternative Songs. Song, even though it was believed to have „fantastically catchy chorus”, did not become one of Paramore most popular singles. In fact, it wasn’t successful outside the US and even in the States its success couldn’t have been compared to the success of the singles from the „brand new eyes” longplay.

Facing no boost from „Now,” Paramore released another single, „Still Into You” which premiered on March 14, 2013. The song presented a completely different side of the upcoming album and it was that sound which got people’s attention. The song received a double platinum plaque in the United States and Australia, Gold in Canada and Silver in the United Kingdom. It reached #24 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles charts, #6 on Hot Rock Songs and #8 on Mainstream Top 40 and became one of the biggest Paramore singles to date, most commercially successful songs.

It took Paramore over a year to release a third official, worldwide single from the album. „Ain’t It Fun” was released on February 4th, 2014 with a music video to premiere on January 29th, 2014. A very first version of the music video, shot in July of 2013 by Jonathan Desbiens, was cancelled. In an official statement Hayley explained this decision saying: „unhappiness with the direction the video was headed.” The band worked on a second version of the video with Sophia Peer and shot it on December 2nd, 2013 in Franklin, Tennessee. The single was certified double Platinum in the US and Gold in Canada. It peaked at #47 on Billboard Hot 100, #7 on Rock Songs and #23 on Pop Songs. Also, it won a very first Grammy Award for Paramore. Hayley and Taylor were awarded with a Grammy for writing and composing the Best Rock Song.

In between of the radio single releases, and still having „Still Into You” rocking the charts worldwide, Paramore worked on three surprise releases for fans. First one was a music video for „Anklebiters” song which debuted on June 23, 2013. Second one was a live music video for „Daydreaming” which Paramore shot on two days in row show at the London’s Wembley Arena in September 2013. The song was released as the album’s third single in the UK on December 2, 2013. It peaked at #33 on UK Rock Chart. Finally the last one was a live music video for „Last Hope”, recorded during the MONUMENTOUR in Chicago, Illinois on July 11, 2014.


January-February 2013: promoting album by radio and tv appearances across US and Europe
February-March 2013: touring South Asia and Australia
March-May 2013: touring across US and Europe, including the North American „Now” Spring Tour
June-July 2013: touring across Europe (festival shows mainly) and South America
September-November 2013: touring across Europe and US with the Self-Titled Tour
December 2013: Christmas shows in US
January 2014: touring across Australia and New Zealand
February-March 2014: touring across the US, including Parahoy! Cruise and a single show in Puerto Rico
May-August 2014: touring US, including the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy and two festival shows in the UK
September-November 2014: touring across US and two festival shows in Brazil
February-May 2015: touring across US with the Writing the Future Tour
March 2016: Parahoy! Cruise


1. Now
2. Still Into You
3. Daydreaming/Ain’t It Fun

brand new eyes

release date: September 29, 2009

producer: Paramore, Rob Cavallo


1. Careful
2. Ignorance
3. Playing God
4. Brick by Boring Brick
5. Turn It Off
6. The Only Exception
7. Feeling Sorry
8. Looking Up
9. Wherethe Lines Overlap
10. Misguided Ghosts
11. All I Wanted
12. Decode
13. Ignorance (Acoustic) (deluxe edition)
14. Where the Lines Overlap (Acoustic) (deluxe edition)
15. Ignorance (Acoustic) (iTunes)
16. Brick by Boring Brick (Acoustic) (iTunes)
17. Turn It Off (Acoustic) (iTunes)

After the grand success of „Riot!”, exhausting series of concerts and cancelled tour in Europe, in January 2009 Josh Farro openly spoke to Kerrang! about the band’s third upcoming studio album, which was later titled „brand new eyes”. Rob Cavallo, who prior to this produced Paramore’s great hit „Decode”, was set to do it again. Album was released on 29th September 2009 and after extremely successful advance sale and decent sale figures in its first week, it debuted on #2 of Billboard 200. In January 2010, recording went gold in US and in November 2010 platinum in UK. As yet, „brand new eyes” is the most successful band’s album regarding worldwide charts.

The first released single was „Ignorance”, which debuted in July 2009. In spite of fair media’s buzz and support of the fans, it didn’t repeat the success of „Misery Business” on worldwide tops. „Brick By Boring Brick” was chosen the be the second single and was released on 23rd November 2009. The track was highly acclaimed by prestigious music magazines and became one of the most recognizable song of „brand new eyes”, but it wasn’t until the third single when the whole world fell in love with a song of this album. In February 2010 „The Only Exception” was released as a single and went platinum in US and Australia, as well as gold in UK and was the first Paramore’s track on Brazilian hit charts. In 2011 song was honored by Grammy nomination in the section „Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals”, nevertheless it didn’t manage to receive the award.

After unprecendented success of „The Only Exception”, song „Careful” was chosen to represent „brand new eyes” next. Track attained warm welcome in UK, but wasn’t nearly as successful as the previous singles. The fifth and last single of the third album was „Playing God” released on 15th November 2010, which alike the previous singles, shaked the charts in UK.


May-August 2009 – the main support of No Doubt during No Doubt Summer Tour 2009
September 2009 – series of concerts on Summer Sonic Festival 2009 in Japan
September 2009 – promotional performances in Europe (Germany, UK)
September-November 2009 – „brand new eyes” Fall Tour
November-December 2009 – European „brand new eyes” Tour
February 2010 – Japan „brand new eyes” Tour
February-March 2010 – Australian „brand new eyes” Tour
March 2010 – performance in Singapore and the Philippines
April-May 2010 – The Spring Tour in US
June-July 2010 – summer concerts in Europe – festival and support of Green Day
July-September 2010 – Honda Civic Tour 2010
October 2010 – Australian „brand new eyes” Tour (Part II) and performance in Malaysia.
November 2010 – European „brand new eyes” (Part II)
December 2010 – performances on Xmas festivals in US
July 2011 – mini-tour in Europe
July-August 2011 – Warped Tour


1. Ignorance
2. Brick By Boring Brick
3. The Only Exception
4. Careful
5. Playing God


release date: June 12, 2007

producer: David Bendeth, John Janick, Philip Schofield


1. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
2. That’s What You Get
3. Hallelujah
4. Misery Business
5. When It Rains
6. Let the Flames Begin
7. Miracle
8. Crushcrushcrush
9. We Are Broken
10. Fences
11. Born for This
12. When It Rains (demo) Special/Limited Edition MVI
13. Misery Business (acoustic – live from Q101 Chicago) Special/Limited Edition MVI
14. Pressure (acoustic – live from Q101 Chicago) Special/Limited Edition MVI
15. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic (live from London) Special/Limited Edition MVI
16. Born for This (live from London)  Special/Limited Edition MVI
17. Misery Business (acoustic) iTunes/ MP3
18. Temporary (demo) Fueled by Ramen Webstore
19. Decoy Hot Topic
20. Here We Go Again (live) FYE release
21. Misery Business (acoustic) Rhapsody release
22. My Hero (Electronic Mix) (Foo Fighters cover) Rhapsody release
23. Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody) Best Buy/iTunes UK
24. Rewind (demo) Best Buy/iTunes UK
25. Emergency (live) Best Buy/iTunes UK
26. Pressure iTunes Deluxe Edition
27. crushcrushcrush (music video) iTunes Deluxe Edition
28. Misery Business (live from London) (video) iTunes Deluxe Edition
29. Pressure (live from Anaheim) (video) iTunes Deluxe Edition

Upon successful series of concerts promoting „All We Know Is Falling” and taking a short break in January 2007, the band started working on the second studio album, „Riot!”. The great honor of being the producer fell to Devid Bendeth, and Josh Farro wasn’t the alone guitar player anymore, as Taylor York, band’s longtime buddy, joined to support him; he was supposed to be only temporary replacement of Hunter Lamb, who decided to leave because of lack of time for his family. Album was finished by April and it was released on 12th June 2007 reaching position #20 of Billboard 200 and #24 of UK Charts. During the first week 44,000 units were sold in US only, which makes it almost the same sales figures as those made by „All We Know Is Falling” through a few years. „Riot!” went gold in countries like UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and platinum in US and Ireland. Solid sales figures resulted in the publication of an arrays of deluxe editions in the online shops worldwide and thus making exclusive songs available, which weren’t originally on the album at first. During the process of making an album, Paramore was supported by their fans, who got a chance of participating in the contest called „The Last Song You’ll Ever Sing”, which let them record choirs for „Born for This”. The winner was Mary Bonney, at that time citizen of Virginia.

The first single promoting an album was, released on 10th July 2007, song „Misery Business”, which debuted on #99 of Billboard Hot 100 and finally ended its victorious march on #26. In September 2008, it went platinum in US, surpassing range of 1 million of downloads (at least those legal), which doubled in December. This was Paramore’s first worldwide hit and chance of reaching more countries, which never heard of them thus far. In February 2008,  UK Accorto Record Store decided to release the re-edition single, which turned out to be the first Paramore’s track on UK Singles Chart list and landed on position #17. After the success of „Misery Business”, it was decided to release an UK-exclusive single. „Hallelujah” became it on 30th July 2007 and it pushed its way to #139 on UK Single Chart. The second „worldwide” single was „crushcrushcrush”, published in November 2007 in US and January 2008 in UK. On 17th September 2008 it went gold in US and thus turned into another recognizable song of Paramore.


January 2007 – acoustic performance in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the exhibit connected with  Warped Tour.
March-April 2007 – Japan Headling Tour
April 2007 –  Australia Headling Tour
April-May 2007 – tour withThis Providence, The Almost and Quietdrive.
June 2007 – performing on european festivals
July-August 2007 – Warped Tour 2007.
September 2007 – European Headling Tour
October 2007 –  Australia Headling Tour
October-November 2007 – U.S Headling Tour
January-February 2008 – European tour, accompanied by New Found Glory, Kids in Glass Houses and Conditions.
April-May 2008 – U. S tour, along with Jimmy Eat World.
May 2008 – performing on festivals „Give It A Name” and „Radio 1′s One Big Weekend” in UK.
June 2008 – performing on summer festivals in Europe.
July 2008 – Warped Tour 2008.
July-September 2008 – U.S Headling Tour, „The Final Riot! Tour”
October 2008 – South American Headling Tour


1. Misery Business
2. Hallelujah
3. crushcrushcrush
4. That’s What You Get

All We Know Is Falling

release date: July 26, 2005

producer: Mike Green, James Wisner


1. All We Know
2. Pressure
3. Emergency
4. Brighter
5. Here We Go Again
6. Never Let This Go
7. Whoa
8. Conspiracy
9. Franklin
10. My Heart
11. Pressure (live) iTunes Deluxe Edition
12. Here We Go Again (live) iTunes Deluxe Edition
13. Pressure (music video) iTunes Deluxe Edition
14. Emergency (music video) iTunes Deluxe Edition
15. All We Know” (music video) iTunes Deluxe Edition
16. Oh, Star (Japanese edition)

All We Know Is Falling is the debut studio album of Paramore, which had been recorded for the three months in Orlando, Florida and was released on 26th July 2005 in USA, 24th April 2006 in UK, 25th June 2009 in Brazil and in September 2005 in Japan, where the tracklist was extended by an extra song. Title managed to reach position #30 of Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and #8 of UK Rock Chart. „Conspiracy”, the song written a long before signing an agreement was included on this record, as well as „All We Know”, inspired by an unexpected leaving of Jeremy Davis. His departure triggered the invention of album’s title, „All We Know Is Falling” and was visible on record’s cover-art in the form of silhouette reflected on the red sofa.

In April 2009, the number of sold copies surpassed 405,110, which resulted in impact on „Riot!”, the next studio album, being met with a warm reception. Until „Riot!” release, the sale of „All We Know Is Falling” slightly exceeded 50,000 units. Currently, on US market, album is gold and thus on 26th 2009 a deluxe edition of it was released on iTunes.

The first single promoting album, „Pressure”, was published on 31st June 2005 in US and 22th April 2006 in UK, and it made its way to #62 of Billboard Hot Digital Songs Chart. The second single, „Emergency”, was released on 21st October 2006 in US. In UK, where it was published 26th August 2006, it was decided to release it in the form of  7″ vinyl and add to it „Oh, Star” (mentioned extra song of Japan release) along with band’s poster. Rock music magazine „Kerrang!” in compilation „Class of ’06” called this song one of the best rock tracks of that year. „All We Know” was chosen to be the third single and released at first in UK (26th December 2006) and then in US (26th February 2007).

May-July 2005 – supporters during Copeland Tour
July-August 2005 – Warped Tour
August-September 2005 – supporters during My American Heart Tour
September 2005 – supporters during Funeral For a Friend Tour
September-October 2005 – Take Cover Tour togerther with Panic! At The Disco and more
October 2005 – supporters during I Am The Avalanche Tour
October-November 2005 – supporters during The Simple Plan Tour
January 2006 – The Winter Go West Tour in the company of Amber Pacific and The Lashes.
February 2006 – united tour with My american heart and Halifax
March-April 2006 – Take Action! Tour
April 2006 – The Sleeping Tour
April 2006 – Give It A Name Introduces… Tour and Give It A Name Festival
May 2006 – touring together with The Rocket Summer, Brandston and more
June 2006 – Japan Tour
June-July 2006 – Warped Tour
August-September 2006 – U.S Headling Tour
October 2006 – U.K Headling Tour


1. Pressure
2. Emergency
3. All We Know

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