An American rock band Paramore was formed in Franklin,Tennessee in 2004. The founders are brothers Farro – Zac and Josh. In the same year, Hayley Williams joined, trying her hand at singing in many bands. One of such, was The Factory, where she met Jeremy Davis. He also joined Paramore in 2004, but left them in the middle of recording the debut album ”All We Know Is Falling” because of (according to this words) conviction that band’s members are way too young to succeed, as well as growing tired of daily rail journeys to recording studio. At the very beginning, band consisted of two guitarist. Apart from Josh, Jason Bynum had performed as the second one, but he left Paramore in 2006. During one of rehearsals, girlfriend of band’s member tried to define their activity – playing in garage – as paramour („secret love”). Musicians decided to change the spelling a little and that’s how they adopted name Paramore. The first song they have written was ”Conspiracy”.

From this moment on, as befits a fresh band, Paramore started performing in the various little clubs in state of Tennessee. In 2005, band was featured in ”Purple Door” and performed, for the first time, at ”Warped Tour”. In the same year, they managed to become the support of Simple Plan. Thanks to that, the recording label Fueled by Ramen (cooler niche section of Atlantic Records) signed a contract with them.

Recording of ”All We Know Is Falling”

After being signed to recording label, Paramore traveled back to Orlando, Florida (they were there for the first time at ”Purple Door” festival), where they started to record their debut studio album. That’s precisely when Jeremy Davis left them. Kinda inspired by it, band’s members wrote the song ”All We Know” and decided to title album ”All We Know Is Falling”. Process of recording took only three weeks, because they were using already created material. They did the whole thing in the formation of four-persons. Before the tour’s kickoff, they welcomed a new bassist – John Hembree – who replaced Jeremy Davis. After the five months of 'membership’, John was set to leave because of Jeremy’s comeback.

Album ”All We Know Is Falling” was released on 24th  July 2005 and reached #30 of  Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart. „Pressure” was chosen to be the first single, with a video clip directed by Shane Drake. In July 2006, band released another single, also with a music video, this time ”Emergency”, which meant for them reuniting with Shan Drake. A few weeks before scheduled shooting, Jason Bynum left Paramore and Hunter Lamb, who is actually performing in the clip of ”Emergency”, replaced him. The third single was song ”All We Know”. Non-professional video was made for it, aiming primarily at the promoting tour. After the release of debut album, Paramore went on short tours through UK and US. They also visited Japan.

Recording of ”RIOT! ” and the worldwide success

Recording of Paramore’s second studio album „Riot!” has began in 2006. At the beginning of 2007, Hunter Lamb resigned from composing music so he could dedicate his entire time to family, as he got married. After his departure, Josh Farro decided to record all guitar leading parts of the album’s songs himself. Taylor York, who has been a musician-buddy of Farro brothers since pre-Paramore times, was chosen to replace Lamb. In June 2009, he was announced the official and rightful member of band. Album „Riot!” has been recorded in New Jersey with producer David Bendeth and was released on 12th June 2007. The concept of band’s members was a  desire of founding one-word title and they loved the definition of word caught in a dictionary by Josh.

The first single of this album was released in 2007 ”Misery Business”, which became worldwide hit. Shane Drake was assigned again to direct the video clip. The second single in US was song ”crushcrushcrush”, whereas in UK ”Hallelujah” was chosen to be one (a long before reign of ”crushcrushcrush”) and its music video reflects the idea of band’s members on so-called calendar’s sheets.?? Shan Drake took up a job of directing once again – ”crushcrushcrush” was his next challenge. In 2008 the last single of „Riot!” was released – ”That’s What You Get”. Marcos Siega was set to direct music video.
„Riot!” sold 44,000 its first week in the United States. In 2008, album went platinum in US and gold in Ireland. In the same year, band began their final grand tour promoting „Riot!”. It was exclusive for US and one of the concerts – held in Chicago –  was recorded and published as the first band’s live album – ”The Final Riot! Tour”. It went gold in US.

”Twilight” and ”Brand New Eyes”

In 2008, Paramore decided to write a song especially for the first part of „Twilight” saga and compete with other artists, in order to be featured on the soundtrack. They made their way there and that’s how the next great hit ”Decode” and track ”I Caught Myself” were made. ”Decode” gained its video clip, which also this time was shooted by Shane Drake. Thanks to that song, Paramore gained worldwide acclaim and for the first time vaulted to fame in some countries. A few months later after this success, they got an offer to join No Doubt on their comeback tour as a support. That’s how band began another tour-journey, during which had an opportunity to perform more than 50 times.

Dozen or so weeks earlier, Paramore started recording third studio album, which got title „brand new eyes”. Official name is written without capitals, because, as Williams explains – she never uses them. Having finished demo, band traveled to California, so they could work upon album version with Rob Cavallo, who produced „Decode”. During summer tour with No Doubt, they were performing two songs of the album – the first single ”Ignorance” and track ”Where The Lines Overlap”. In June, Paramore performed for ”MTV Unplugged” – project’s aim was to present songs in acoustic version and promoting album; the whole recorded thing was set to be released in the web. Likewise during this tour, on 23rd July, Paramore shooted clip for ”Ignorance”, which debut on MTV and all official band’s profiles was set for 13th August. Day of the album’s premiere (September 2009) meant also the kickoff of promoting tour. Unfortunately, during performing ”Decode” on the first gig, Williams lost her voice and concerts were postponed. The first actual concert was held on 10th October. After US tour, Europe was the next one in line. That tour started on 29th November. Earlier, the second single of „brand new eyes”, „Brick By Boring Brick” was released. Meiert Avis was set to direct. Originally, clip’s premiere was set for 17th November, but that day it was announced that it won’t debut until 23rd November. Instead of airing on TV, it was released on official web site of Paramore. Song didn’t succeed as much as the previous single, though.

At Christmas time, on the official Facebook profile, Josh Farro announced being engaged to his girlfriend Jenna.

The first award Paramore won in 2010 was within section „Favorite rock band” of 36th ”People’s Choice Awards”. Hayley Williams accompanied by Chad Gilbert accepted the award on behalf of the whole band. On 30st January, shooting of ”The Only Expection” clip started, which was chosen to be the third single. Brandon Chesbro, longtime band’s friend, took up a job of directing, who has also recorded their performance in Chicago.  Provisionally the video’s premiere was set for 14th July. Day after recording mentioned clip, Paramore showed up on ”Grammy Awards”, being nominated for „Decode” written for „Twilight”. Once again, they weren’t bathed in glory and didn’t win.

Five days before kickoff of worldwide tour (which was supposed to start in Asia) set for 10th February 2010, Josh Farro informed fans, that he won’t be going with friends that time. His decision was justified by the will of supporting his wedding’s preparations, which became the most essential thing in his life. Also, brother of Taylor York – Justin York was set to replace him. Farro promised then, that he will be back for the Spring Tour in US.

New Journeys

Asian part of the promoting tour started on 10th February in Osaka. Within the scope of tour, only two concerts were held – Tokyo came after Osaka. After visiting Asia, Paramore flew to Australia, where they performed 7 times with the first performance taking place in Brisbane on 19th February.

Next ones fortunate enough to watch Paramore performing, were the citizens of New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines. On 20th March, band graced Europe with a visit, where they played in France and Italy. In the meantime, song „Airplanes” was released, which featured Hayley Williams singing along with the rap singer B.o.B – her part was actually chorus. It turned out to be a great success; second version of the track was released, which included Eminem as well. Shortly after, it was announced that the fourth single of „brand new eyes” is „Careful”. On 24th April, Paramore visited Disney Restort, to perform there on Grand Night for graduates of Florida middle school, whereas on 26th April the Spring Tour in US started. The first performance was held in Knoxville and the last one in Las Vegas. During the tour, Paramore performed 15 times. On 18th and 19th June, band played on the scenes in Germany, within the scope of „‘Southside & Hurricane Festival’”. That’s how European Summer Tour has started. Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Paris, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark and Belgium were the next stops of band. In Paris, Paramore were the support of Green Day. On the 8th June video clip of „Careful” debuted, directed by Brandon Chesbro. Music video consists of Chesbro’s records compilation, featuring behind the scenes, live performances and professional shoots of „brand new eyes”. A few days later, video clip of „Airplanes” was released. Shot by Hiro Murai, it debuted on 15th June on iTunes.

Honda Civic Tour 2010 and „Airplanes”

On 23rd July 2010, Paramore hit the road – their most magnificent US Tour has began and its name was – Honda Civic Tour. Support of Paramore were the following bands: Tegan & Sara, Kadawatha and New Found Glory. Its additional attraction was the opportunity to win the car of Honda. The first Paramore’s performance was held in Raleigh. HTC was divided into two parts because of band’s performing on two festivals in UK: Leeds and Reading. After those, the second part of HTC started, which concluded with performance in Anaheim on 19th September 2010. All in all, 29 concerts took place during this tour and what’s more, band was given „Green Music Group” title by patrons of whole action. On 12th April in LA, gala of MTV Video Music Awards 2010 was held. Paramore attended, as they were nominated in the section of „Best Rock Video”, but they lose to 30 Seconds To Mars and their clip of „Kings and Queens”. B.o.B’s „Airplanes”, recorded in duet with Hayley earned a nomination and didn’t win as well, but was performed during gala. Performance was a mix of B.o.B & Bruno Mars – „Nothin’ On You”, B.o.B & Hayley Williams – „Airplanes” and Paramore – „The Only Exception”. During rehearsals Hayley got a chance to meet B.o.B for the first time. That glorious moment was immortalized by MTV, by publishing the videos of their meeting online. On 28th September, TV channel FOX aired the episode of „Glee” with „The Only Exception” covered by Rachel, character of Lea Michele.

Accused Of Plagiarism

In the beginning of October, not-exactly-well-known band called Tenspoke Indies accused Paramore of unlawfully using excerpts of their track „Starlighter” in „The Only Exception”. Band filed a suit in district court of Pennsylvania, claiming, that in 2006 as a matter of fact they sent a demo of their song to Fueled By Ramen. According to Tenspoke Indies members, both songs has a connection, which is perceptible in lyrics, rhytm, pace, malody or simply in the songs beginning. That’s the reason behind the demands – 75 thousand dollars of reimbursement for their work used by Paramore without Tenspoke Indies consent.

To The Edge Of The Earth – The Next Performances

On 7th October, band hit the road again, meaning, they started Australian tour. It began with the concert in Wellington, New Zealand and finished in Brisbane. To sum up, band performed 7 times and during their tour it was announced, that „brand new eyes” went platinum by selling 70 thousand of units in Australia itself.

On 19th October, Paramore performed in Malaysia, which was the only performance in Asia during The Fall Tour. In the middle of October, it was officialy confirmed that the fifth and at the same time last single of „brand new eyes” is „Playing God”. Single debuted on 15th November and clip’s premiere was set for 16th November. On 22th October, during B.o.B’s performance in Nashville, to the audience’s astonishment, Hayley showed up and singed along with him „Airplanes”, which was the first live performance including whole song ever. A few days later, during Halloween, Hayley shocked fans with her brand new, pink color of hair, which stayed with her until the end of November. Because of Halloween, the special contest called Hayleyween for the best Hayley’s stylization was also announced. The photos including 30 best disguises were published on the official website of Paramore. On 9th November, ”Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn” was released in US, featuring ”You Ain’t Woman Enough” cover by Hayley Williams and Josh Farro. It was performed for the first time on 1st November during concert in their native Nashville. On 6th November, band got on the road for another tour, this time Fall Tour in UK (& neighborhood). It started on 6th in Dublin, Ireland and finished on 20th November in Aberdeen in UK. Support of Paramore was Fun and B.o.B. As you could expect, during „Airplanes” Hayley showed up to perform along with rap singer their unforgettable hit. On 13th and 15th November Paramore played two concerts in „O2 Area”, which was actually of the most magnificent scenes they ever performed on. Additionally, Brandon Chesbro informed through Twitter that Paramore’s performance in London ”O2 Arena” on 13rd is gonna be recorded and most likely released as live album DVD. What’s more, in the process of touring it was announced that „brand new eyes” went platinum in UK, selling more than 300 thousand units. On 7th November in Madrid, MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 took place, with band being nominated in „Best Alternative” section. This time Paramore finally managed to win and take award home. Hayley and Jeremy accepted it on behalf of the whole band. Song „Airplanes” was nominated as well, but this time it didn’t have luck, although Hayley and B.o.B could at least perform it during gala. On 2nd November, Brandon Chesbro announced through twitter that shooting of „Playing God” clip has started, him being a director of course and Hayley’s house being video’s set. Clip debuted on 16th November on official Paramore’s website and everyone could watch it, granted that they were signed up. Towards the end of November, it was announced that single „Airplanes” was sold in more than 3 million copies worldwide, which means it went triple platinum. During UK Tour, B.o.B’s „Beast Mode” clip was shot, where Hayley appears at ”I could use a wish Hayley where you at” moment. After the conclusion of tour, band published their thanks and the summary of bygone year, putting emphasis on the last month. On 23rd November band performed on „VH1 Divas Salute The Troops”, which was held in Kuwait. Paramore played there for soldiers, airmen, sailors and reservists in military base in The Middle East. They were among other artists, like Katy Perry, Sugarland, Keri Hilson or Nicki Minaj. Concert was recorded and screened on 5th December on channel VH1.

First 2011 Tour

On 26th November 2011, management of Paramore announced the new South America Tour, which was supposed to happen in February/March 2011. All in all, band performed 10 times, including 5 performances in Brazil, followed by Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. The beginning was set for 16th February and the ending for 4th March.

Nominations, Awards, Ceremonies

Towards the end of November, Warner/Chappell informed that since a few weeks Josh Farro belongs to the group of musicians which creates the songs for other people – contract lets him earn money by selling tracks, as well as gain 50% of songs-related profit. On 30th November in Franklin, the ceremony ”CMT Artists Of The Year” was held, where Hayley was one of the awards-presenters and to be more specific, her friend Taylor Swift accepted the award from her hands. The following day, which is 1st December in Los Angeles ceremony „Pre-Grammy” took place, where official nominations of ”Grammy Awards 2011” were announced. On gala, in behalf of her friends, Hayley presented „Best New Artist” section nominations. Paramore got one nomination as well – „Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals” section was their chance of winning award for struggling with „The Only Exception”, while Rob Cavallo, the producer of „brand new eyes” was nominated in section „Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical”. Additionally, „Airplanes, Part II” featuring Hayley was nominated in „Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals” section. During ceremony Hayley declared that she is proud of band-representing opportunity on „Pre-Grammy” and very happy because of both Paramore’s nomination as well as „Airplanes” success. B.o.B joked that if „Airplanes, Part II” wins Grammy, he is totally into recording a song with Paramore. Band was also nominated for People’s Choice Awards 2010  in „Best Rock Band” section and „Airplanes” in „Favorite Song”. In the beginning of December, Hayley showed up on the set of „Glee” TV series. She was invited there to watch progress and to meet her acquaintances, who are starring in it. As she admits, she had a lot of fun there.

Xmas Festivals and The Break

On 3rd December, band hit the road to start Christmas Tour in US. Between 3rd and 10th December, they performed on festival „Jingle Bell Bash 2010” and on 12th December on „XL 106.7 XL’ent Xmas”. To sum up, they played 5 times. Concert in Seattle (4th December) was recorded and broadcasted on the official webpage of Radio 106.1 Kiss FM and their performance in New York (10th December), along with „Airplanes” was broadcasted on Fuse channel, 16th December. Hayley was present on performance in Los Angeles on 5th December, to perform „Airplanes” with B.o.B. During the interview with MTV, after the performance in New York on 10th December, band announced that after US Tour they’re going to put themselves in the shade to start working over the next album. They declared the will of resorting to tested metods, meaning, write songs in home, because in case of „brand new eyes” it proved successful. Taylor admitted that challange awaits them, because considering „brand new eyes” success it won’t be easy for them to create something nearly good. In the middle of December, Warner Music Argentina informed that the third studio album of Paramore went gold – it was sold in more than 20 thousand units. Band was set for accepting the award on 24th February, just before performing there. In December, a few world fan-sites, which established a contact with Fueled By Ramen, received a short videos wth thanks for their struggle, prepared by Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor. Polish site obtained one as well.

The Collapse

On 18th December, it was announced on Paramore official website that Josh and Zac Farro leave the band. Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor explained why it has happened and promised to support them regardless of anything. It seemed that a few months earlier Josh and Zac informed them about their decision to leave after performance in Orlando set for 12th December 2010. Hardly was anyone surprised about it, as they didn’t seem eager nor enthusiastic to do it any longer. Remaining band members informed that they won’t decline South America Tour set for February/March 2011. Right after brothers departure, it was announced that Zac along with his longtime friend Jason Clark form a band called Tunnel. Their first song, „Hide Your Eyes” was quickly released in the internet. Information about band turned out to be a rumor. A few days later, Josh’s wife – Jenna – posted on her blog note, writing that Josh and Zac are about to write official announcement regarding their departure and she is going to post a link to it soon. Indeed, two days later it was done. Josh wrote on behalf of him and his brother a long note, which included for instance expressing how they felt about everyone favoring Hayley and her being like solo singer, he mentions as well a lot of unpleasant facts about Hayley and her family and defames recording labels Fueled by Ramen and Atlantic Records, claiming that they care only about Hayley and instead of the whole band. The album „brand new eyes” was supposed to push them into reuniting, but it actually divided them into two groups. Since that moment, he has been considering to leave. Magazines 'Kerrang!’ and 'Rock Sound’ published on their respective websistes info, claiming that band’s manager refused to comment on Josh’s post. A few days later, Jonatham Diener, the drummer of The Swellers posted on his blog description of Paramore’s situation after departure of brothers, taking into account his private views. As he claimed, band The Swellers was on tour with Paramore where he could notice some split among members. Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor was supposed to be those, who spend time with them and gave a warm welcome, while Josh and Zac kept themselves in the background. Moreover, Josh posted a recording on his blog, assuring that previously written message is real thing and was made by him and Zac. On X-mas day, Jeremy Davis posted on the official Paramore’s website Christmas wishes on behalf of the whole band and wrote that along with Hayley and Taylor they collect the ideas for the new album and assured that 2011 will be the best Paramore year ever. At the same time, band agreed to be interviewed by MTV News, which concerned Josh and Zac departure. MTV crew visited trio in Franklin, right after Josh’s post. On MTV website, videos announcing this interview were being posted bit by bit. The whole thing was titled „The Last Word” and was released on 7th January on MTV News official website. The main thread was of course the breakup, but some questions concerned their version of events, reaction for Josh’s announcement and feelings, especially those Hayley’s, as she was accused of many things. They were also asked about their plans for the Paramore’s future. Remaining members declared that this the first and the last time when they decide to discuss that matter openly and they did to present their point of view. Towards the end of January, MTV interviewed Josh Farro, who stated that he doesn’t find an interest in speaking of the past, as the future is what he cares about. The former guitarist is currently in band formed with his high-school buddies called Novel American. Farro said as well that his desire isn’t making a big drama out of leaving and he wishes Paramore only the best.

The Invincible Hayley of Paramore

In the beginning of 2011, portal published the top 50 stars list of 2010 year, which featured Hayley on #25. Website created the chart of the most popular stars, which took the quantity of fans on the social-networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) into consideration. Paramore reached #36 in general section. Speaking of strictly Rock section, band made its way to #9, while taking countries into account, they were featured on #24 in US. Nominations to MTVU Woodie Awards were announced as well, where song „Airplanes” was nominated in section „Woodie of the Year”, but unfortunately didn’t win. Furthermore, the results of Shockwaves NME Awards 2011 were released in the internet. The Awards were given away in O2 Academy Brixton in London. Hayley managed to win only one out of the three sections – for the best band’s blog/Twitter account. Later, she thanked fans for votes on Twitter itself. Track „Airplanes” was the fifth on the list of the best-selling singles of 2010 – thanks to selling 4 million of copies, it went fourfold platinum. On 18th January, party for everyone nominated for a Grammy in Nashville was held there. Hayley and Jeremy attended – Taylor was absent because of his stay in California. On 12th February, one day before ceremony of Grammy, Hayley performed with Dierks Bentley during his concert and they performed „The Only Exception” together. That wasn’t the first time for Hayley to perform with Dierks, as she had such opportunity in 2008, when she was covering „My Hero” of Foo Fighters with Josh. On 13th February in LA, Grammy Awards 2011 took place, featuring nomination for Paramore in section „Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals”. Unfortunately, also this time they didn’t triumph. Additionally, B.o.B and his „Airplanes, Part II” featuring Hayley and Eminem as contributors weren’t the winners that night. Band was chosen to present „Best Rock Album” award though, which was given away to Muse.

Paramore Reborn

In the beginning of January, Hayley published info on her Twitter, saying that band has finished the first demo since the regrouping. On her blog, she released the lyrics and then the melody of the new song titled „In The Mourning”. Later, on the official site of band, the recording of Hayley and Taylor performing full verion of that track was published. It wasn’t even week, as we found out that band is struggling with the second demo. In February, Hayley announced that band members will participate in a new shoot, made by Lindsey Byrnes. In the middle of March, the first photo was released in HQ.

New musicians and the New Tour

Towards the end of December 2010, Hayley confirmed on her Twitter information regarding  musicians to replace the brothers Farro on South America Tour. Honored musicians turned out to be: Taylor’s brother, Justin York, whose job was to play guitar parts and Josh Freese, who took care of the drums. The day before first concert of mentioned tour, Hayley decided to post a new note on band’s LiveJournal, where she spoke of Grammy ceremony and the new band’s shoot. She also wrote about recording the new tracks and releasing EP. On 16th February, the first concert on South America Tour was held and the tour lasted until 4th March. Band visited countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. On 6th March, Paramore perormed in Puerto Rico as well. During that tour they performed their newest song/demo – „In The Mourning”.

Brand New Songs

In March, because of exceeding 200 thousand mark of users, band recorded the video with special thanks to fans. Taking an opportunity, Hayley and Taylor prepared acoustic version of „Looking Up”. Hayley answered on Twitter one of fans „In the Mourning” question initially asked for fun. She claimed that the following Summer we may expect the studio version of song. Towards the end of March, Paramore entered the studio with the aim of recording new tracks. On her blog, Hayley was publishing the updates from studio, where for instance Hayley and Taylor played on drums. During chat on Official Fan Club, she presented some excerpts of lyrics of the two new songs, which were the recent band’s work. One was titled „Monster”, another one „Renegade”.

Paramore Yard Sale, meaning Paramore Contribution to Japan

Towards the end of March, charity auctions has started on eBay – Paramore Yard Sale, being the band’s idea to support victims of cataclysm, which hit Japan in March 2011. It consisted in organizing special auctions, where people could bid various stuff presented by Paramore’s members. Once in a while, the new items was given on the website. After the auction’s end, gathered money was donated for International Committee of the Red Cross.

Paramore conquering new lands

On 30th March, agency Go Ahead announced on its Facebook account the first Paramore’s concert in Poland. A few days later, date and location were posted. It was performed on 4th July 2011 in Sowiński Park of Warsaw, as a part of festival „Rock in Summer”, being one of few festivals, which band visited on their Summer Tour in Europe. Before it, Meet & Greet was held, in which fans who have won or drawn passes participated. Polish bands Heroes Get Remembered and Rotten Bark were chosen to support. In April and in the beginning of May, new tours dates were announced and it followed that in the beginning of July Paramore is gonna get on the road with Summer European Tour, during which they will participate only in festivals. The next stop was supposed to be „The Vans Warped Tour”. That’s why the band appeared on the cover of Warped Tour album. Song „For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” was included on it as well. Then, in August Paramore is set to visit countries like China, Indonesia, Singapore and Hawaii.

Guest Performance on Bamboozle and the New Photographer Lady

On 30th April, band performed on Bamboozle festival, but this time only in the form of guest appearance. During it, Paramore’s members were handing out photos and posters of Lindsey Byrnes promo shoots, with their autographs and codes enabling fans to download later a few exclusive photos made by Lindsey. Another photos of that shoot were published soon in the internet. On 6th June charity concert Musicares Benefit 2011 was held in „Nokia Club” of LA , with Paramore performing. Justin York accompanied band, by his guitar and choirs. They performed acoustic versions of their songs. On 9th June, they attended CMT Awards 1011, where they announced the performance of The Band Perry.

Monster from Paramore

In the middle of May, the info regarding the new song was released on the official Fan Club of Paramore website. It was an announcement about it coming soon. As it turned out later, new song is titled „Monster” and was featured on „Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” soundtrack. The new band’s single was released on 7th June 2011 and soundtrack on 14th. Besides Paramore, artists like Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Goo Goo Dolls were featured as well. In June, video music of „Monster” was shot by Shane Drake, who has already worked with band a few times, on „Misery Business” or „Decode” just to mention some. Clip debuted on 18th July on MTV official website.

Paramore in full swing

In June, nominations of Teen Choice Awards 2011 were announced, where Paramore was nominated in „Rock Group” section, along with „Monster” getting its first recognition by being nominated in „Rock Track” section. Especially for „The Muppets” soundtrack, Hayley performed in duet with Weezer and it was cover of „Rainbow Connection”. Original version was sang by Kermit The Frog, meaning Jim Henson. Soundtrack was set for release on 23rd August. Recording label Fueled By Ramen, having its 15th Anniversary in 2011, organized a series of special concerts, which were supposed to last for three days. Paramore was set to be the main stars of the first one, set for 7th September in NYC.

Welcome in Europe and on Warped Tour again!

In the beginning of July, Paramore hit the road by starting another tour, this time through summer festivals in Europe. It began on 3rd July in Hradec Kralove, followed by band carrival to Poland, Sweden, Finland, Portugal and Spain. Next stop was „The Vans Warped Tour”, which began on 14th July. During it, band recorded two concerts in Kanada and five concerts in US. Prior to it, band performed within the scope of the festival four times, between 2005 and 2008. On both European Tour and Warped Tour, band was supported by Justin York (guitar) and Jason Pierce (drums). The same year Paramore went on a short Pacific Rim tour and played in New York City during the Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary Concert debuting 'Renegade’ live.

At the beginning of June 2011 Williams announced that Paramore started writing their fouth studio album which they hoped to release in 2012. In October 2011 Paramore announced that they would release a new song for each of the remaining months of 2011. The songs were being released as a part of the Singles Club. A song called „Renegade”, premiered the day of the announcement, with „Hello Cold World” following on November 7th and „In the Mourning” on December 5th. All four songs, including „Monster,” were being released in a vinyl format available at webstore.

Working on fourth studio album

At the beginning of 2012, the band started looking for the best producer of their new music. After a couple of meetings, Paramore announced that their fourth studio album will be produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen. At the end of 2012, the band revealed that the upcoming album, ready to release on 9th of April 2013, will be titled “Paramore.” The official statement about the record says that the album has been self-titled through nearly the entire process.

Paramore were busy working on their fourth studio album and still very active online informing on the speed of the process. At the beginning of 2012, the band started looking
for the best producer of their new music. After a couple of meetings, Paramore announced that their fourth studio album will be produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen and did not want to reveal the names of the other potential producers they had the meeting with.

On 18th of October Hayley wrote a message in which she happily announced that they are only two weeks away from finishing the album. Soon after that very first tour dates planned for 2013 had been announced by the Australian and German promoters what
made somehow official the 2013 release of the fourth studio album. Before the official statement from the band, promoters had already confirmed their shows in Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Bangkok and the Philippines.

Waiting for new music

At the end of November 2012 and at the beginning of December 2012 Paramore did a small promo tour around the world, visitng the record label offices’ and meeting with press. Before the meeting the band sent out „Now” to radio stations as some kind of sample of the album. The song wasn’t out officially but Wendy Rollins, a radio presenter working for Radio 104.5 from Philadelphia posted online a message in which she confirmed, she had listened the song.

On 27th of November Hayley and Taylor met with Adam Samiljan from Fueled By Ramen and listened the final mixes of the songs from the new album. Next day Paramore did a promo photo shoot for the album while on 29th of November they, with the FBR team, organized a small listening party of the full album.

Promoting „Paramore”

First days of December Paramore spent in Europe, Germany and France where they arrived to meet with the European press. On 6th of December the band revealed that the upcoming album, ready to release on 9th of April 2013, will be titled „Paramore.” The official statement about the record said that the album has been self-titled through nearly the entire process. Only two days after the statement, the release date of the first single off the album was announced and later confirmed at the beginning of January.

Opening the promo cycle in 2013 of the album Paramore arrived to England where they live premiered „Now” and for the first time ever performed „Hate to See Your Heart Break” on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on April 3, 2013. Later that day the studio version of the song premiered on their site. Not long after this day, taking part in the nationwide Record Store Day, Paramore put out The Holiday Sessions Vinyl EP which composed of the three interludes that in April were released on „Paramore.”

The release of the album was, so far, the opening to the biggest successes in the band’s career. Even though the lead promo single, „Now” slightly failed on music charts, peaking
at #16 on Billboard’s Rock Songs Chart and never making it to the Hot 100. A full wings were spreading together with the release of the second single, „Still Into You” which happened to be Paramore’s biggest hit worldwide, so far.

Back on the road

Also in January Paramore announced the 12-shows-long „Now” tour starting on 25th of April in Houston, TX and ending on 16th May 2013 in New York, NY. Later on more dates were added to this tour. In February and March Paramore had already played some shows – announced at the end of 2012 dates for Australia and the Philippines, Malaysia and Bangkok.

In Australia Paramore organized a small listening party, for lucky 20 fans, and served them with five songs from new album. Fans heard “Fast In My Car”, “Still Into You”, “Last Hope”, “Ain’t it Fun” and “Part II,” the same songs band premiered record labels representavies and press back in December 2012 and January 2013. The lucky group took home specially designed USB discs with a snippet of Hayley recordining “Daydreaming.” A 30-seconds long snippet made it online very fast and Paramore, at least according to Hayley, was very happy about it.

March opened lovely for Paramore fans. The band played at the SXSW in Austin, TX and premiered live version of „Still Into You,” which later that day premiered on their YouTube Channel in the form of lyrics video and was announced as the second single. Rumors about a potential release of the song on 13th of March were circulating online for a little while but they were not confirmed by the band but even denied by Hayley herself… Same month Hayley collaborated with M.A.C. on a limited edition of her cosmetics collection.

Starting the NOW tour in April, Paramore were almost constantly on tour through the entire 2013. They took some short breakes but lasting no longer than three weeks. They toured Europe and the United States two times, Australia, South America and did 6 dates long Christmas tour.

Plaques, certificates and first Grammy Award

First big success for „Paramore” came a week after its release when it debuted at #1 in the United States. It was Paramore’s first number 1 album in their home-country. Two weeks after the release the album achieved silver certification in the UK. Their „Still Into You” single was slowly starting to rock the worldwide charts and in May was already Platinum in Australia with more successes to follow.

The self-titled album went Gold in the UK three months after its release. In August 2013 Paramore picked up the award for Choice Rock Group making it their 11th Teen Choice Award. Month later the band received two nominations for the 2013 MTV European Music Awards. In November „Still Into You” went Gold in Canada while in December Hayley and Taylor scored Grammy nomination for „Ain’t It Fun” single.

The biggest success for „Paramore” came in February and April of 2015. On 8th of February 2015 Hayley Williams and Taylor York were honored with a Grammy Award for writing Best Rock Song, „Ain’t It Fun” while in April Recording Industry Association of America gave „Paramore” Gold certification for selling over 500,000 copies in the US.

Parahoy Cruise

When 2013 has already been perfect for Paramore fans from all over the world, the band announced something not many were expecting. Their first ever Parahoy! Cruise. The journey was inroduced on 22nd of August 2013 and was sailing from Miami to the Bahamas and back on board the Norwegian Pearl from March 7 to March 11, 2014.

The cruise included two shows from Paramore, performances from invited bands, meetings with Paramore, contests, on-board activities, dinner with Paramore and Q&A session. A year after the journey, in a magazine interview, Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert said that while sailing from Miami to the Bahamas they were not dating.

Monumentour and Writing The Future Tour

A beginning of 2014 brought a very first tour announcement which happened to be a co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy. Their co-headlining tour was named MONUMENTOUR and lastedfrom July 18 to August 31, 2014. On this tour Paramore recorded live music video for „Last Hope” and was recording some parts of the two shows but they were never posted or released. However in November 2014 Paramore released a deluxe edition of the self-titled album. Digital version, while physical one wasn’t released, included a new version of „Hate To See Your Heart Break” featuring Joy Williams, Paramore’s first collaboration, bonus tracks previously released on Rdio, „Tell Me It’s Okay” demo version (never-released-before) and 8 live version of the songs recorded at Red Rocks during the MONUMENTOUR.

The co-headlining tour turned out to be Paramore’s last full tour in 2014. Same year, but in January and March, the band finished the Self-Titled Tour playing in Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. They also played some commercial shows across the US, two shows in the United Kingdom and Brazil.

Paramore brought the MONUMENTOUR show production to the 2014 Reading & Leeds Festival. The band was co-headlining the festival with Queens of the Stone Age. In Reading Paramore was performing before Queens of the Stone Age, while in Leeds after them. In Brazil, in November, Paramore played at the 2014 Circuito Banco do Brasil.

Exactly two years after the release of „Now” single, Paramore announced the final tour supporting „Paramore.” A round of small shows across the United States was named „Writing The Future” and lasted from April 27 to May 25, 2015. Before this tour Paramore played three extra shows.

Jeremy no longer in Paramore

„Writing The Future” surprisingly turned out to be the final tour with Jeremy Davis on bass guitar. Bassist left the band in December 2015 after a very short note left on Facebook, apparently by Hayley Williams, on 14th of December. In the statement Paramore announced that Jeremy is no longer in the band but Paramore is moving on.

A day before Parahoy! the local newspaper from Nashville, TN posted an article in which they revealed that on March 2016 Davis embroiled in a legal battle with Paramore, claiming to be eligible to enjoy the benefits of a business partnership with Hayley Williams as a co-owner of the band. Neither Davis nor Williams made a comment on this situation but during the second Parahoy! Cruise, Williams thanked everyone – including Davis and Farro brothers – who has ever played in Paramore.

Hayley’s Wedding

After years of being together, a short break up and fast make up, Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert still into each other! Writing songs about their love, touring together and supporting each other, the two tied the knot in a beautiful, private ceremony on 20th of February at the Franklin Theatre in Franklin, TN. The couple danced their first dance to Gracie Fields’s ‘Around the World’ song from 1957 and Hayley was walked down the aisle walked by her Granddad and Dad. Hayley was wearing a Vera Wang dress with Doc Marten Jadon boots while Chad wore a look by Ben Sherman. Williams changed into a UNIF top emblazoned with the her husband’s name “Chad.” She paired the shirt with a white TOPSHOP skirt and custom hi-tops from Vans to get her punk rock party on.

The 100 Layer Donut Cake was a first for the Five Daughters Bakery who created the confection with three tiers of three different flavors. Topping their delicious donut wedding cake, were action figures by Super 7 Funko Reaction Figures modeled after Leeloo from The Fifth Element & Sloth from The Goonies! The bakery also created 100 individual donuts, including vegan and paleo option with funny little quotes like “I like your butt” and “You’re so punk rock” adorning each one.

The couple’s punk theme carried through to their reception which was held at and catered by Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in Downtown Franklin.Their wedding guests, including their Paramore and New Found Glory bandmates danced into the night to the sounds of live music from Anthony Adams and The Nite Owls.

Parahoy Cruise II and Good Dye Young

The second voyage was announced on 29th of April and it was sailing on March 5, 2016, from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, and returning home on March 9. Even though announced with Jeremy, he didn’t not go. He was replaced by Joey Howard, who is Jon’s younger brother.

The journey was inaugurated by Paramore live performance with 17 songs including 7 from their debut studio album. The same day Paramore invited their fans to see mewithoutyou, Lights, X Ambassadors, Chvrches and New Found Glory live as well as on
headphone disco, karaoke, meet-ups and into tattoo social. On the second day got their chance to meet Hayley and Taylor in person and take a photo with the band, enjoy Paraoke and Musical Squares with Paramore. Among all the other activities there was a meeting with Hayley and Brian for two lucky fans who got a chance to test the newest goodDYEyoung hair-dye line. The third day of Parahoy! brought the final show from Paramore but earlier the cruisers arrived to Cozumel, Mexico. In the evening Paramore took the stage with a completely different set list than the one performed at the sail away show. This time the opened the set with „Hallalujah” and wrapped it up with „Future.” In the last day Hayley and Taylor were engaged in the ping pong finals, belly flop contest and were answering fans questions in a meeting named Q&A with Paramore.

On 5th of March Hayley Williams announced the name of her own dyes line -goodDYEyoung – on which she was working for years. Products went on sale in May 2016. The working process on the line started in the summer of 2013 but the choice of the name was done years before that. goodDYEyoung shades are: Rock Lobster (red), Blue Ruin (blue), Steal My Sunshine (yellow), Riot! (orange) and Ex-Girl (pink).

Fifth studio album and Zac’s comeback

Being on the cruise Paramore claimed that the writing of their fifth studio album isn’t going well but they also promised to come back home and start working on it for real. On 24th of March Hayley officially confirmed, on Twitter, that she and Taylor are in the studio in Nashville, TN writing and demoing new songs.

On the 2nd of February 2017, when the album was supposed to be already finished, Paramore posted online a short sentence – „I’m back” – and a t-shirt with a photo of a baby Zac. Later the same day people working close to Paramore confirmed that Farro is once again an official member of Paramore.

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