Listen to a conversation between Hayley and Anna Faris

Hayley Williams joined Anna Faris online to talk for Anna Faris Is Unqualified. Among many topics they discuss is growing up and how it has changed throughout the years, creativity and expressing yourself, longings, anger, relationships, band and touring family. Click HERE to listen to it.

RIOT! still present on Billboard charts

Paramore’s second studio album is one more week present on Billboard charts. After last week return to Top 10 – read about it here – thanks to the FBR 25th Anniversary silver RIOT! vinyl, this week the album is #181 on Billboard 200 (-112 spots). It’s also #23 (-17) on the Alternative Albums, #63 (-55). on the Album Sales and #37 (-26) on the Rock Albums.

Misery Business, on the other hand, is quite stable on Spotify chart in the US, with 220-250 000 streams daily. Click HERE to learn more.

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Still Into You coming for Top 10 on UK’s singles chart

Last week RIOT! re-entered the Official Rock & Metal Albums Chart Top 40 in the UK at no. 3. This week the album is at no. 15. However, Still Into You is coming for Top 10, with this week’s no. 14 (+5) on the Official Rock & Metal Singles Top 40.

Click here to read last week’s charts update and here to learn more about Misery Business performance on Spotify chart in the UK. 

RIOT! re-enters Billboard 200, Paramore Artist 100

[Photo via Darkside Records.]

Paramore’s second studio album, RIOT!, is back on Billboard charts. This week the album debuted at no. 3 of the Vinyl Albums Chart and re-entered Billboard 200 at no. 69.

The album is also no. 6 on the Alternative Albums, no. 8. on the Album Sales, no. 11 on the Rock Albums and no. 12 on the Catalog Albums chart. RIOT!’s sales in the US increased by 135%. Paramore re-entered Billboard’s Artist 100 at no. 65.

Read also: RIOT! re-enters UK charts, vinyl debuts within Top 10, Misery Business re-enters Billboard charts.

RIOT! re-enters UK charts, vinyl debuts within Top 10

The FBR 25th Anniversary silver RIOT! vinyl, released a week ago, entered the Official Vinyl Singles Chart Top 40 in the UK. The record debuted at no. 6. But it isn’t the only Paramore’s presence on the UK Official Charts.

The second single from Paramore, Still Into You is at no. 19 of the Official Rock & Metal Singles Chart Top 40, down 5 spots to last week’s position and RIOT! re-entered the Official Rock & Metal Albums Chart Top 40 at 3., no. 75 on the Official UK Albums Chart and the Official Scottish Albums Chart Top 100 at no. 14. The charts are based on sales of digital bundles, CDs, vinyl and other formats, across a seven day period.

Misery Business re-enters Billboard charts

After a series of reviews of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour, where some journalists pointed out an influence of Paramore’s Misery Business, the single became popular again. And for the second time this year it re-enters Billboard charts. This week the single is charting #23 on the Hot Alternative Songs and #24 on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs. Below we are presenting data on its current performance on Spotify in the United States.

Zac Farro talks with TapeOP about writing, recording and Paramore

Zac Farro talked to TapeOP about everything from writing music to mixing and shooting music videos, not skipping a part on the early days in Paramore, rejoining the band and touring the biggest venues in the world.

What I love about both HalfNoise and Paramore, is that Paramore lets me have that one outlet of a big rock band; touring and everything. Then the downtime is my freedom and time to explore creatively. That’s what HalfNoise has come out of. I just released a dub-inspired EP, Zafari. I like to incorporate what I’m inspired by at that time. I get the privilege to do that within HalfNoise, because I also have a big band that I get to be a part of as well. I feel very fortunate – he says and adds: I took a six-year break from touring with Paramore. I stopped when I was 20 because all seven of my teenage years were on the road. I felt the train was not gonna stop. I didn’t want to tour; I wanted to see what regular life was like, and see if it was for me. It turns out that it absolutely wasn’t. I do not know what I would do without music. I was fortunate to rekindle things with Hayley and Taylor and join back up with them on After Laughter. I was just intending to play drums on it, but then they invited me back in the band, which was really cool.

Billboard recognizes Paramore’s track as one with the best bridges

The editors of Billboard presented a list of 100 tracks with the best bridges of the 21st century and one of Paramore tracks made it to number 13! They recognized Ain’t it Fun, which peaked at No. 10 on the Hot 100.

“The bridge repeats the same line over and over, but Hayley Williams layers each pass with more feeling („This is the real world!”) — especially when the bridge returns as an outro and Williams trades vocal riffs with members of the backing gospel choir. Take ’em to church, Hayley!” – they wrote. Click HERE to look at the rank.

Listen or watch Hayley on Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

Hayley Williams is a guest on Mayim Bialik’s podcast Breakdown. In over an hour long conversation – available also on YouTube – Hayley shares her personal experience of ‘getting out’ of a traumatic relationship and the mind-body connection she uncovered during the process.

Mayim and Hayley connect over their shared choice of combat boots and disconnected enthusiasm in their previous weddings. Hayley opens up on her recent journey through intensive therapy and how an integrated health approach has positively impacted her life. The conversation turns esoteric and mystical near the end with a discussion of intergenerational trauma and family system.

Stream Hayley’s cover of Colour Me In

Hayley’s cover of “Colour Me In” by Broadcast released last year for “Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy” compilation album is now available on streaming platforms. It’s a midnight release.