Paramore on the cover of DIY Magazine

Paramore are once again gracing the cover of the British DIY Magazine but this time they are doing this with photos taken by Pooneh Ghana. And we love this photoshoot so much! Besides the photos, there’s also another nice article about Paramore with quotes from the band.

“It’s weird,” ponders Hayley, on how it feels to be five albums deep and over ten years into their career. “I still feel like we’re really green, especially with this record. It felt like there were so many new things to try and so many new feelings about life – you’re finally all the way over the hump of being able to deny that you’re an adult now. Yeah, this was a crazy record to make.”

“We intentionally didn’t look back at all,” Taylor is quick to assure. They now finally felt liberated enough to pursue the sounds they’d played with last time, but in a bigger way. “I really wanted this album to be different, but I didn’t really know what that would be like. I knew I didn’t want a ton of high lead guitars and I was getting kinda sick of head banging – our necks just always hurt!”

“I would like to hope that one day we can make a record without having to go through something like that, but that’s just been our reality so far. Every time we actually get through it, it’s just that much sweeter. Life doesn’t stop,” says Taylor.

Click HERE to read the article, HERE to see how the issue looks inside and HERE to see the photos. The issue is now out – DIY is free. You can either pick it up in the UK at the local stockists, read it online or subscribe to the magazine and get a fancy A3 poster of Paramore.