Paramore posing for Nylon Magazine

Do you remember a photo Paramore posted on Instagram with a caption “just sitting”? Good, because now we know what they were sitting on Zac’s couch for. They were posing Lindsey Byrnes for the May issue of Nylon Magazine. Click HERE to see new photos.

The photos were taken in February and the interview was held just 24hours after the 12 songs, which now we know made it to the fifth album track list leaked online.

„Our friendships are for life and that was the no-brainer,” says Zac

The interview based article focuses on exactly same what the previously posted interviews with Paramore – Jeremy’s departure, Zac’s comeback, working on new album and life. However, it’s is illustrated with a great photo taken by Lindsey Byrnes. Have a look – for closer look click on the photo: