Tennessean interviews Hayley

The After Laughter cycle is coming to an end this week with Paramore’s Art + Friends mini-music festival they are organising in Nashville, TN. To discuss the event, the idea behind it and what it means to Paramore, Hayley sad down with Tennessean. She says that she urvived hardships thanks to ‚art and friends’.

„I never felt like people saw us as a Nashville band anyways, until we got a little bit older,” she says. “But to be able to not only connect with other bands in the scene, especially female-fronted (bands), but then to also be a part of helping introduce other people to them … I feel very excited that I can have some small part in that.”

„I was like, ‚You’re a child! I’m your mother!’ I realized how much older I am than her, and it’s crazy. That was just one instance where I realized how long we’ve been doing this, and I still don’t feel like I know everything. Hopefully I won’t ever feel that way.”

Click here to enter Tennessean’s page and read the article. Art + Friends is happening this Friday, September 7th in Nashville, TN.