Business Insider interviews Hayley Williams

Recently goodDYEyoung launched its products in all Sally Beauty stores across the US. To promote the brand and introduce it further to people who still don’t know that Hayley Williams is not only the lead singer of Paramore but also a businesswoman, Hayley talked to Business Insider. She discussed her personal hair journey and shared her advice for people who are considering dyeing their hair.

“I think if you know why you’re choosing certain accessories, or why you’re expressing yourself in specific ways, it helps to feel more confident when that gets questioned,” Williams said and added: “I saw women like Missy Elliot and Gwen Stefani doing really rad things with their hair, their makeup, their clothing choices,” she said. “I felt like that’s the world, even aside from music, I just wanted to be a part of – where you could be very expressive.”

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