Hayley for Teen Vogue: spread my wings a little more as a musician

“I definitely spread my wings a little more as a musician on this project than I ever have before,” says Hayley Williams chatting with Teen Vogue. “We learn as we go and we’re open to the discomfort of growth. I certainly felt that discomfort while making Petals for Armor and it brought me to one of my proudest moments as an artist thus far.”

“The greatest difference in the culture between then and now is that my female and female-identifying peers give less f*cks than ever, in all the right ways,” Hayley says. “There’s no shame in speaking our minds and being real about our individual experiences. Sure, there may be farther to go, more ways we can progress, but it’s clear to everyone in this industry now that ‘having the balls’ does not simply equal ‘having the power’ anymore.” Click HERE to read the interview.

“The hope is that people, through listening, will notice how often we all view our own lives through the narrow lenses of dualism and we don’t allow ourselves to be the multi-faceted beings that we are,” she explains. “We aren’t just winning or losing, sometimes we’re both and everything in between and that [needs] to be acknowledged.”