Hayley talks her looks being a Halloween inspiration

Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor had a chat with Amanda Krause from Insider about Halloween inspirations coming from Hayley’s looks. 

“It’s so crazy that it ever started in the first place to get to a point where people will do it for Halloween,” she said. “I can remember it starting out — just being on tour, looking into the crowd, and being like, ‘Oh, that’s my hairstyle!'” Of course hairstyle isn’t everything what is being replicated. “One of the craziest memories for me tied to people emulating the looks we’ve done was walking into a Halloween store somewhere on tour and there was just this wig called ‘Emo Angsty Girl’ or ‘Emo Angsty Teenager’ — something like that,” Hayley said.

“You know how they can’t use the actual names of anything because it’s all copyrighted or whatever? It was literally the look that Brian created for Misery Business; the look that put he and I put on the map in that world,” she continued. “It was just so funny. I should’ve bought it. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

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