Hayley takes Allure backstage of New York show preparation

Hayley Williams invited Allure backstage of Paramore’s recent New York show to talk about fashion, hairstyles, skin care and muses influencing her looks. The article is illustrated by Zachary Gray and Nicola Dall’Asen. Click here to see more photos and read the publication.

“There’s a lot of parallels, politically. It’s uncool that, in some ways, there’s been no progress. There’s still inequity — whether it be racial issues, gender issues.” Williams explains that her look on stage is about subtly playing into the commonalities of the fight women have been enduring for the last 60+ years. “On the opposite side, Brian and I’ve been really inspired by these women throughout time. There’s ways to find throughlines through all of it.”

“I think holding on to femininity and using that as a way to feel empowered has been really cool,” says Williams. “I’ve been very adamant about pulling away from femininity [in the past]. Not really seeing my own power in that way. And Brian’s always tried to help me understand that there’s power there.”