Paramore for Billboard. Watch new interview!

Billboard made a special 44-page collector’s zine to celebrate the start of Paramore next chapter. Get up close and personal with Hayley Williams, Zac Farro and Taylor York, with 20 gorgeous new group and solo photos — 13 of those images available in this zine only — a special zine-exclusive cover, the only printed version of Billboard’s January 2023 Paramore digital cover story. Order your copy here. Click here to read or listen to the interview.

“We’ve been really lucky,” says Hayley. “We always will have gripes — it’s an industry — but we know that we’ve been really lucky. It’s more just the fact that it’s time to f–king finish something. And it’s time to know that we’re not doing the same sh-t that we’ve been on since we were teenagers. It’s just going to feel so nice to start a new book. You know, like no more chapters of this one. Whole new book. And I’m excited.”

“The craziest part about taking the break was, it’s like we really had agency over that choice. We really knew that we were doing it to preserve something.”

“Free agents,” Zac Farro says. “That’s our next record name.”

“Zac has been saying since we were in the studio,” Williams adds, “ ‘This is the season of us not resisting.’ ”