Good Dye Young launches at Ulta Beauty

Good Dye Young, the vhair-dye brand founded by Hayley Williams from Paramore and her hairstylist Brian O’Connor, is making its way into all Ulta Beauty stores and online, reports posting new photos of the duo.

“If you think of Ulta from the consumer vantage point, it’s such a first stop for people interested in beauty. And it’s such a great hub,” said Hayley on the May 4 episode of the Glossy Beauty Podcast. “But also, from a business owner’s perspective, Brian and I look at this like, ‘Man, so many brands have really taken off because of an opportunity with Ulta.’”

“Launching full-fleet in Ulta is such an unlock in getting the brand in front of new customers. It’s a great way to really introduce people, and we know that there’s a lot of interest out there. It just opens the door, ” said Ashley Floto, svp of sales and marketing at Good Dye Young. Click HERE to read more.