Hayley Williams for Los Angeles Magazine

Hayley Williams is gracing the cover of the newest issue of the Los Angeles Magazine with amazing photoshoot taken by Elisabeth Caron. Among amazing photos, where red is taking the lead, Hayley talks fashion, working on solo music and working on music with Paramore. Click HERE to read the article and see new photos.

“I was home, and I was going through a lot, learning a lot about myself, using that lens to see the world. That led into making This is Why with the guys and realizing how much of my angst and rage was still there. Now I feel it more in terms of the way that the world works — every single choice matters. I got really discouraged and felt kind of hopeless by the fact that we went through so many huge things as a global community, and we didn’t get any kinder to each other.”

“They’re not afraid to speak their mind and stand up for what they feel is right,” she says. “I just find them to be the truest version of a punk band we have today. I love that the older generations, like riotgrrl and other feminists inside of the punk scene, are sort of passing the torch.”

“It feels like a crazy victory lap and she’s not even close to the end of her career,” Williams says of the stadium trek. “It’s just so historic to be a part of it. Both [Taylor and I] started really young and we’ve grown up alongside our fan bases, and that makes both of our stories really unique in a way that we get to come together from two different sides of the industry. Paramore isn’t quite mainstream, but people know our band, and we’ve had a really lucky, long career thus far. For both of us to be feeling like we’re in our prime now in our early thirties, career-wise, that’s just so special, and we don’t take it for granted. I’m so grateful that all these years later, we’ve stayed connected.”