Hayley for Rolling Stone: we’re just ready to be back in the studio

Promoting Re: This Is Why and celebrating a year since This Is Why era began, Hayley Williams did a brief interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine. She talks recording Paramore’s last album, her friendship with Zac Farro, winning a Grammy award, band’s future plans and the last North American Tour which ended a little bit earlier due to Hayley’s lungs infection. Click here to read a full piece.

“We grew up knowing all the worst parts of each other, and we still love each other,” Williams says. “I mean, look at all the shit we’ve been through. Our band has essentially broken up a million times. And Zac, we found each other again. That keeps me going. It also keeps me excited to think: Who knew we would get here? What the fuck might happen for another 20 years? We don’t know.” 

“Zac was the first friend I ever made in music. All we had was our favorite bands on a burned CD. We learned how to be a band together, we learned how to be friends with each other. We met Taylor that same year and that was in 2002. For everything we’ve been through, it almost feels like as soon as Zac rejoined the band after six years of being away from us, not only did we get our guy back, we got ourselves back. We got a part of our childhood back. This thing that made us who we were, we got it back. And it’s such a superpower when we’re together.”

“Sometime in the middle of this tour, we all started getting really excited about making new music again. We’re just ready to be back in the studio. And we still have plenty of shows — we’re going to do the Eras tour next summer, we have the New Zealand/Australia run, there’s a couple of dates happening early next year”.