Hayley Williams for Vanity Fair: I just need to get it out

Hayley Williams did another online interview, this time for Vanity Fair. The main subject was obviously her upcoming solo studio album Petals for Armor but she also talked about Paramore, their latest album After Laughter and composing.

“I needed to just not think that this is going out into the world and this compares with the legacy with Paramore that I’ve contributed to and tried to build up over half my life. When I was a teenager and I first met the guys and we started to write together, everything was so new and raw and we didn’t have a formula,” she said. “Many times my lyrics were just poetry that I’d write in my bedroom, and I’d bring a sheet of paper to practice. I found myself kind of back in that mode,” she said.

“I’ll probably write about some of the same shit when it comes time to make the next Paramore record,” she said, “but I know it’ll feel different. I just don’t know how.” Click here to read the article.