Hayley shares a note on RIOT! anniversary

On this day sixteen years ago Paramore released their second studio album, RIOT!. The record produced by David Bendeth peaked at No. 15 on Billboard 200, selling 42k copies in its first week. Hayley Williams shared a note recalling first days of RIOT!, working on Misery Business, traveling to Japan and hinting a soundcheck demo which hasn’t been posted yet.

“We recorded the first demo of Misery Business on our first trip to Japan at a soundcheck in either Tokyo or Osaka.

That’s the same trip I discovered FRUiTS Magazine and got inspired to look like a carcature of myself for the Miz Biz video. It’s the first place we ever traveled to that I just could not believe was real. It’s still my favorite place in the world.

Zac is maybe 15 here and I’m 17. He was 16 when we recoeded RIOT! and that’s exactly how olf that album is today.
Happy ani to the album that gave us many (still not enough) chances to go back to Japan. And yes, we do have the soundcheck demo somehwere… that’s for another time.”