Paramore for Teen Vogue: Always wanting to move forward

Teen Vogue chatted with Paramore about pre-show rituals and with Hayley about her beauty routine. Click HERE to see some behind-the-scenes photos snapped by Zac Farro at Hangout Festival in Alabama back in May.

“Taylor and I are probably the least [beauty-centered],” Farro says. “I mean, we’re not gross by any means, but when you talk about skin and hair, I feel like should really be talking to some of our other band members like Joey Howard, who just got it on lock. [But] everybody’s put together. No one’s like, ‘Oh, well, you need to go; you’re a tour dog. You need to take a shower.” Hayley adds: “no, I’m a tour dog. You’re stylish. The minute they get out of their bunks or beds in the morning on the bus, they already look cool. I look like a roach until 5:00 PM.”

“Always wanting to move forward keeps us ever getting stuck in one place,” Hayley adds. “I’m really thankful for that. Otherwise, we’d still all be wearing red skinny jeans from 2007.”