Coup De Main interviews Hayley

In November Paramore returns to New Zealand and Australia for (at least) six shows. The band has just announced two additional shows – click here to see their schedule – and Hayley Williams chatted with Coup De Main. She talks returning to Australia, working with Taylor Swift, running her own business, This Is Why and life on tour with her dog, Alf.

“As far as ‘Castles Crumbling’ goes, I heard the song and was super impressed by the storytelling in it, which is no surprise because it’s a Taylor Swift song, but it’s about an experience that both of us have shared growing up in the public eye, and I just felt very honoured to get to sing about that feeling. And yeah, I just really love it. I love it. I can’t believe I got to be a part of it,” Hayley said.

“I’m trying to understand that everything about being alive is so multifaceted that it can’t be fit into an either/or box, like you can’t say that one particular feeling is good or bad, and you can’t really be sure that one issue is all good or bad. Because nothing is either/or – everything is both, and everything is on a spectrum, everything is actually quite confusing and layered and that’s also what makes it beautiful and creates purpose and meaning, and all these reasons why we can afford to keep diving deeper into being human and existing alongside of other people”, she said when asked about C’est Comme Ca.

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