Hayley for WWD: we’re going to be writing and we’re just going to try to recharge

Being in New York City for this year’s New York Fashion Week Hayley Williams got photographed by Alex G Harped for WWD. The interview based article and a set of photos were just published.

“It’s now been a year since we started the album cycle, since we started practicing again, rehearsing for shows and stuff,” Hayley says. “So yeah, this is kind of our first little real break and we’re going to be writing and we’re just going to try to recharge so we can get back out there — especially next summer. We’ve got a long summer.”

“I really created such a hard-core version of myself. And I feel so much softer and more open now, and that because of that, I feel like I’m allowed to be more myself. It’s nice because I do think that our band has always kind of championed people having their own unique thing, being different or being a space for people who have felt outcast in some way or all of that. That was just important to us,” she says. “But it’s interesting because at the time, being a teenager, I don’t think that I was fully present in myself because it was just, it’s scary. The world’s scary, and you’re 17 and you’re doing all these new things for the first time in front of the world. And I think that now there’s just an ease to being wherever I’m at, not feeling like I have to puff myself up and be really tough to get through something.”

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