Hayley Williams interviews Dolly Parton for Consequence!

Later last week Consequence announced a special interview conducted by Hayley Williams with an iconic artist. Today the interview saw the light of the day and now we can read a conversation between Hayley and Dolly Parton! Click HERE to do so and scroll down for some quotes.

Hayley: To me, women have the firmest foothold [in rock music], but I also think it’s a tough genre, a very male dominated genre. So I wondered, “Was it about genre? Who is Dolly earning it for?”

Dolly: I wanted the rock world to accept it and appreciate me for doing it, for all those reasons. Like when I got to work with P!nk on “Satisfaction,” Brandi Carlile, and then Stevie Nicks – I had so many wonderful women. You know, Joan, and Stevie, and Blondie – Debbie Harry. That’s another one.

Hayley: I mean, how have we not even talked about that?

Dolly: Well, there’s so many of them! And Miley [Cyrus]!

Hayley: I mean, yours and Miley’s voices are perfect together. You on this song, [“Wrecking Ball”], it feels like a song that you could have written.

Dolly: Well, I wish I had written that song. Miley, I’m crazy about. I don’t think people even know how talented she is.

Hayley: Yes. I think what, unfortunately, people do is really underestimate based on presentation or based on the fact that she came from Disney. And she’s already proven that she’s got the chops: She’s a great singer, a writer.