Paramore for Coup de Main – new interview & photos

In less than two weeks Paramore embarks on the Australian/New Zealand tour and to support their return to this part of the world, the band has been doing some press meetings. Apart from chatting to Jimmy & Nath and Smallzy, Paramore met with Coup de Main. This resulted in a very special zine, which you can purchase here, and an exclusive interview with a set of unpublished photos. Click HERE to read the interview.

CDM: Lastly… do you have any plans to play ‘Thick Skull’ live?
HAYLEY: Yeah, y’all are gonna be the only tour that gets it. And then the rest of the fans in the rest of the world are gonna be so pissed… ‘Really?! You went all the way to New Zealand and Australia and you finally decided to play it.’