Paramore for UPROXX: we are a band that has survived a lot of cultural upheavals

With a career spanning article written by Carolyn Droke and new photos taken by Zachary Gray, Paramore is gracing the cover of the newest issue of Uproxx Magazine. The band talks the beginnings, the return, their latest studio album and the journey which made Paramore a different band throughout the years as well as the upcoming European tour opening for Taylor Swift and the end of their record deal with Atlantic Records. Click HERE to read the article and see more photos.

“All the little quirks or the things that made us different in one way or another, I think are part of the reason that we’re here,” Hayley Williams says. “Because we started so young,” Williams adds, “we knew that we were outliers in one way or another. It was either that I was a girl or we were maybe not the heaviest band and we were playing with all these metal bands. I’m so glad we’ve been different enough, because we’ve been different enough to stand out.”

“The band just feels like a different band than when we started it — in a really good way,” Zac Farro says. “I think at some point it’s good to detach from something a little bit, so then you realize why you love it so much.” Hayley adds: “we are a band that has survived a lot of technological advances, a lot of cultural upheavals. I don’t understand how we’re still here, truly, but I feel very fortunate.”