Hayley Williams spotted at the airport

Hayley Williams was spotted while departure from Los Angeles International Airport on August 27th. The lead Paramore singer took a flight to Minnesota where tonight she is taking stage at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul! The MONUMENTOUR returns for the final three shows. Click on tumbnails to see more photos from LAX.

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The Guardian about Paramore at Leeds Festival

How did Paramore do at Leeds Festival? We know that even with a small power cuts they did amazing at Reading Festival but were they that great also during the real headlining set in leeds? The Guardian posted a review from the festival and mentioned Paramore!

“It was only two years since their Saturday counterparts Paramore appeared much lower down the lineup. set was a triumph of showmanship as well as a landmark for Williams, who – shockingly – is the first female to headline this festival since Shirley Manson’s Garbage rocked the Reading site on a Sunday night in 1998.” Okay. Paramore did awesome!

Paramore live at the 2014 Leeds Festival

Paramore made their headlining moment at Bramham Park playing at Leeds Festival in England tonight. Although BBC did not live stream this show, we know Paramore did amazing! They once again presented the MONUMENTOUR setlist and production but this time without any power cuts. What was the another difference? Believe it or not… Hayley Williams invited her sister, Erica on stage to sing ‘Ain’t It Fun’! Doesn’t it sound like the Self-Titled Tour thing? Go HERE to see first photos, set list, videos and fun stories from the show.

DIY Magazine interviews Paramore

DIY Magazine bumped into Paramore backstage at Reading Festival in England. They talked about the co-headlining set and the MONUMENTOUR which is somehow present at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival. “We’ve brought a lot of stuff from Monumentour with us – the production, the lighting,” said Jeremy. They have also brought the MONUMENTOUR set list, if you missed yesterday’s show. What does Hayley thinks about headlining this famous festival? Check out the interview-based article below!

Paramore live at the 2014 Reading Festival

Paramore made their fourth (BBC says about fifth…) appearance at Richfield Avenue playing at Reading Festival in England. Tonight, together with Queens of the Stone Age, they were headlining the event. Paramore put on the amazing show and presents set list very well-known from the MONUMENTOUR. Go HERE to see first photos, set list, videos and fun stories from the show. Below we present you a footage which aired on BBC Three but Paramore’s full performance is available HERE. There’s a regional block so you can have problems accessing it from outside the UK.

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PARAMORE TV with pleasure presents a new episode - The Self-Titled Tour: North America Part 3. It’s a third part of seven-episodes series, which are premiering in the coming weeks. We’re bringing you back to October and November of 2013 when Paramore was playing one of the most spectacular self-titled tours ever. In this episode we’re coming back to Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis and Austin. Enjoy watching this new episode, comment under the video and mark your thumb up! Don’t forget to subscribe – you won’t miss more!