The Resurrection CD release party

Yesterday Hayley Williams and Hopeless Records threw up a party celebrating the upcoming release of a newest New Found Glory album ‘Resurrection.’ Click on the photo you can access our gallery with a couple of extra pics. ‘Resurrection’ is coming out next week!


Well and Good talks to Hayley

01Hayley Williams talked to Well and Good about her five beauty obsessions. On Tumblr Hayley left a special note about this interview saying that Well and Good is one of her favourites lifestyle blogs! “It was so cool for me to get to highlight some of my everyday, go-to, all-natural beauty products… Maybe a couple you’ve never tried before?,” she writes.

What are the names and prices of Hayley’s fav products? Click HERE to find out! Be careful – she’s wearing a perfume named “Rock Star”…

Bobby Bones interviews Paramore at iHeart Radio Fest

Backstage at the iHeart Radio Festival Paramore did a short, and very weird, interview with Bobby Bones. The interview was mainly about meeting Hayley in the elevator the morning before and how she honestly said Bobby that she doesn’t remember him to be at any of Paramore shows. Besides, the band got a chance to say  a few words about getting more and more popular and selling over 3 million songs from the self-titled album. Check out the video in the ‘read more’ section!


PREMIERE: PARAMORE TV – Self-Titled Tour: North America Episode 9

tvPARAMORE TV presents a new episode - The Self-Titled Tour: North America Part 6. It’s a sixth part of seven-episodes series, which are recently premiering online. We’re bringing you back to November of 2013 when Paramore was playing one of the most spectacular self-titled tours ever. In this episode we’re coming back to Uncasville, Montreal, Toronto and Detroit. Enjoy watching this new episode, comment under the video and mark your thumb up! Don’t forget to subscribe – you won’t miss more!

Billboard talks to Paramore about 5th studio album

Paramore are talking about writing new material for the 5th studio album since the last October’s North American Self-Titled Tour. Recently, backstage at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas, Billboard talked to them about the progress of writing and sounds we can expect. What did they say?


Paramore adding a new performance in Los Angeles

CBC Radio has just announced that Paramore will be joining this year’s We Can Survive concert. The event will be held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 24th. Paramore will be sharing the stage with Sia, Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and Iggy Azalea. You can watch the official announcement HERE.