Did Hayley record a song with Chvrches?

Their Parahoy and Nashville performance might had been just an introduction to a very nice collaboration. Apparently, just a couple of minutes ago, Beats 1 played a studio version of Chvrches song “Bury It” featuring studio vocals of Hayley Williams! This fact wasn’t confirmed by Hayley or Chvrches but it’s spreading fast thanks to BuzzFeed and DIY Magazine. Was it a leak? Was it a studio version? When will it be officially released? Here are the questions with no answer.

New photos of Hayley and Chad

Last year Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert did a sweet photoshoot for Alternative Press Magazine special issue. Two years ago, being the first-ever Billboard Trailblazer Award winner, Hayley posed for Billboard Magazine. Both these photoshoots were taken by David McClister and today we can enjoy more photos from the shots. Click HERE to see a photoshoot for Billboard and HERE to see a new photo for Alternative Press.

Hayley on writing new music with Taylor

Paramore are working on demos for their fifth studio album. This’s a fact we know for nearly two months now but how is the writing and recording process going? Hayley said a few words on that in one of the interviews she did promoting goodDYEyoung launch in New York City in the past two days. “We’re kind breaking our brains to create something that we are really proud of,” she said Cosmopolitan. “I was actually writing last night at midnight.”

HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked interview Hayley and Brian

Yesterday, on 12th of May, Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor had a really impressive press day in New York City. The goodDYEyoung founders visited Bustle, Allure, Teen Vogue, HuffPost Lifestyle and Racked. Everywhere, yes, everywhere they did live streams and answered questions asked by people, who were interested in buying goodDYEyoung products. Go HERE to watch a video from HuffPost and HERE to watch one from Racked. And there’s one thing you should, probably, keep in mind… Hayley will never ever dye her hair black again.

New photos of Hayley and Brian in NYC

As Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor are pretty busy in New York City visiting various media to talk about their hair dye line goodDYEyoung, there are new photos of them appearing in our GALLERY. Make sure to follow it for updates! So far they visited Bustle, Allure and Teen Vogue.

goodDYEyoung visits Allure

Hayley and Brian are on a press day in New York City. After visiting Bustle, they took a short break for lunch and after that visited Allure HQ for another questions and answers session with fans and people interested in goodDYEyoung products. What were they discussing this time? Check out the video and make sure to stay focused because the press day isn’t over yet!