Watch a teaser of Kiss Off video series + interview

PopularTV has just premiered a teaser of Kiss Off video series with Hayley Williams as a host. A project co-founded by Nylon Magazine premieres on 31st of March and together with the magazine is dedicated to women ages 18 to 25. Click HERE to read more about the idea and click “read more” to read a new interview with Hayley speaking about beauty and this new project.

Paramore will play for students in New Jersey

Before the final tour of the self-titled era, Paramore will arrive to New Jersey and play for the College of New Jersey students! The show will take place on 25th of April with The Wonder Years as the opening act.

Tickets for CUB’s Spring Concert will be available only for the TCNJ students. Clicking HERE you can read more about the prices and rules of the event. HERE you can find out more about the upcoming concerts. Writing The Future mini tour starts on 27th of April in Augusta, GA.

New message from Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams simply loves surprising Paramore fans. She did it once again a few minutes ago posting one of the longest messages in the past two years. She is basically writing about everything – from Paramore to her personal life, new projects, the upcoming tour… Check out the message below!

Hayley Williams to host Kiss Off video series

Nylon Magazine co-founders’ (Marvin Scott Jarrett and Jaclynn Jarrett) have just introduced a new online magazine in which Hayley Williams will be hosting a beauty-focused ‘Kiss Off’ video series!

The magazine features editorial and video content for women ages 18 to 25. It goes for fashion, music, celebrity, beauty, culture and travel. The PopularTV is ‘the anti-social network’ which has been mentioned by Williams at the beginning of February.

Popular will be also published as a quarterly magazine with a first edition to arrive this spring. Click HERE to enter its website.

Hayley Williams talks Writing The Future with Rolling Stone

In April Paramore returns with the final tour closing the Paramore cycle. On the way to the recent rehearsals for the Hilton At Play show Hayley talked to Rolling Stone Magazine about Paramore plans for the intimate mini tour. She also mentioned the GRAMMY Awards victory. “We never in a million years thought we would win a Grammy, or any of the other crazy things that happened along the way. So we’re thinking of each show as an event, as a way to celebrate our relationship with fans, to celebrate the album and to celebrate the past two years of this band,” she said.

Williams also says these upcoming shows will focus as much on the past as the present, relying on older songs to close the book on Paramore’s most successful period. Click HERE to access the entire article. Tickets for the Writing The Future tour are on sale now and some dates are already sold out.

MTV News interviews Paramore

MTV News got a chance to meet with Paramore backstage at the Conrad New York where they performed this Monday. The band talked about winning a GRAMMY Award for the Best Rock Song and making a history being a first act with a female vocalist to win this award since 1999. Hayley talked also about getting married and her wedding playlist. Both videos are available below.