Go backstage with goodDYEyoung

Hayley and Brian’s goodDYEyoung hair dye line is on pre-sale from April 15th but now Popular TV posted a behind-the-scenes video with Hayley and Josh Dunn of Twenty One Pilots where the two are talking about the line. The video is a part of long-time-not-seen Kiss Off! online programme hosted by Williams.

Josh is one of the five people officially promoting the brand on promo stills. In the video they are talking about the importance of expressing themselves, showing the photoshoot for the brand. Click HERE to watch it and HERE to read more about goodDYEyoung.

Paramore with 8 new awards from RIAA

Recording Industry Association of America has recently updated Gold and Platinum certification lists and as it turned out, Paramore got 8 new awards! Starting from the most precious, the band can now be proud of the platinum plauque for released in 2013 album Paramore and released in 2009 brand new eyes. Each album sold over 1 milion copies in the US. Also, RIOT! went double platinum with over 2 milion copies sold.

Rest of the certificates Paramore scored for their singles. Monster, Ignorance and Pressure are now Gold and each sold over 500 000 digital copies. That’s What You Get and crushcrushcrush are Platinum, selling over 1 milion digital copies. Sweet!

Hayley confirms writing new album!

When at the beginning of March Paramore kicked off the second Parahoy and Hayley Williams said that they are not that far away with the fifth studio album as she would love to see it, we were a little sad but not very surprised. We also knew that after Parahoy Taylor and Hayley will be very inspired and ready start working on the album in the full speed. And so they are! Just a few minutes ago Hayley confirmed that Paramore entered the recording studio in Nashville, TN. They are writing demo songs which luckly will appear on the upcoming album. We are ready! Are you?


The second Parahoy! is now officially over. In the last day Hayley and Taylor were engaged in the ping pong finals, belly flop contest and were answering fans questions in a meeting named Q&A with Paramore. Click HERE to enter TOUR section to see photos from the entire cruise.


The third day of Parahoy! brought the final show from Paramore but earlier the cruisers arrived to Cozumel, Mexico. In the evening Paramore took the stage with a completely different set list than the one performed at the sail away show. This time the opened the set with Hallalujah and wrapped it up with Future. What was in the middle? Click HERE to enter TOUR section to see photos, videos and set list details.


New photos from goodDYEyoung photoshoot

goodDYEyoung is spreading its wings and trying to convince us that it is actually good to dye young. The company has published three new photos from a photoshoot taken by Lindsey Byrnes some time ago. Click HERE to read more about Hayley’s dream-coming-true company and see all already released pictures.