Unseen photos from unreleased Ain’t It Fun music video!

In August of 2013 Paramore were shooting a first version of Ain’t It Fun music video which later on wasn’t released and up till now stays a big mystery. After all this time only three photos and a short interview recorded on the set appeared online. Fortunately now we are able to see over 100 photos taken on the video set! Click HERE to see. Taken and posted by Jory Lee Cordy.

Josh Farro commenting on Jeremy’s departure

Josh Farro, who left Paramore in December of 2010 is now about to release a debut solo album. Recently he has spoken to NME Magazine and was asked about Paramore. He talked about leaving the band, his famous but very negative exit blog posted back in 2010, apologizing to Hayley and finally, he commented on Jeremy Davis leaving Paramore 5 years after he did it.

There was also a question about a possible reunion with Hayley and Taylor. How are they doing now? How does Josh feel about Jeremy’s departure? Click “read more” for the answers.



tvA brand new Paramore TV has just premiered on YouTube. It’s 8th part of the MONUMENTOUR coverage with quite a few moments with Jeremy Davis! Watch the footage in the player below and subscribe the channel, so you won’t miss new episodes in the future.

A new message from Paramore

There are moments when you can’t think straight because you were not expecting such a change to happen. A few hours ago Paramore posted a new official statement informing that Jeremy Davis left the band. Five years after the Farro brothers departure, Jeremy Davis decided to move on and close one musicial chapter in his life.

It isn’t an easy note to read, especially when you know how many years he spent in Paramore and how incredible album cycle with Hayley and Taylor he has just closed. But Paramore, now as Hayley and Taylor, will continue.

Jeremy, wish you all the best and we are going to miss the Pressure flip so badly! Take care of yourself and keep the DJ’ing on fire!


FB IconEven if it’s hard to believe, 2015 makes the end of the self-titled album cycle. The past three years were incredible, full of remarkable moments and great memories. We are very excited to announce a return of Paramore Year-End Voting! The third edition of the annual voting is back with 20 categories, a new promo spot and nearly 60 amazing Ambassadors. Let’s sum up this amazing era!

Cast your votes at www.PARAMOREYEAREND.wordpress.com till 3rd of January 2016. Think of the best songs, tv performances, music videos, photoshoots and best fanbases.

Hayley and Joy singing Christmas songs

Hayley Williams and Joy Williams joined forces once again! Ladies met yesterday at the Farm in Franklin, TN and sang Christmas songs during a special Christmas show. You can check out a short video from their performance with “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “White Christmas” below. HERE you can see new photos of Hayley with fans taken that day.

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