Ignorance certified Silver in the UK

According to the British Phonographic Industry Paramore’s first single from their third studio album brand new eyes is certified Gold in the UK! Ignorance sold over 400,000 units in the UK. A year ago Brick By Boring Brick was certified silver.

Paramore talks working on new music with Rolling Stone

Exchanging emails with the Rolling Stone magazine Paramore shared a first photo, along some details, from the recording studio where they are working on their upcoming studio album. The publication comes with a new photo of the band taken by Kayla, Zac’s partner and a musician known as Elke.

I’m always waiting for the moment for us to know we’re onto something new and we’re not just rehashing the same shit,” says Hayley Williams. “We got to feel that feeling early on this time”. “The music we were first excited by wasn’t exactly the kind of music we went on to make,” Williams says. “Our output has always been all over the place and with this project, it’s not that different. We’re still in the thick of it but some things have remained consistent from the start. 1) More emphasis back on the guitar, and 2) Zac should go as Animal as he wants with drum takes.”

“It’s really exciting because the three of us have completely different strengths when it comes to creating. It’s making the music and just the whole process of making a Paramore album feel completely new.” Click HERE to read the article.

Where Paramore’s music is most popular? 2021 edition.

We dug into Paramore Youtube charts to see how their music was doing in 2021. Even though the band did not release any new song, the past year was one of their most successful years on streaming platforms. Both Misery Business and Still Into You were charting, with Misery Business returning to Billboard charts. All I Wanted became a popular TikTok trend and Decode was finally released to streaming worldwide.

Below you can see Top 10 countries where Paramore songs and/or music videos were most streamed or/and watched on YouTube in 2021, Top 11 most streamed or/and watched music videos or/and songs worldwide as well as total streams their music gained on YouTube last year.

Rank based on YouTube Charts data from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Click HERE to compare numbers from 2020.

Hayley announces PFA/FFV deluxe + sends a message

The Hayley Williams FLOWERS for VASES & Petals for Armor Deluxe which includes 20 page booklet filled with never before seen photos and diary entries from Hayley. A 3LP will be released on 25th of March, the day from Flowers for Vases / Descansos will be available on CD. Along this a new merch appared at Hayley’s webstore. Click HERE to place your order, use code: HAYLEYWRAP for Free Wrapping Paper or HAYLEYSEED for Free Lyric Seed Paper.

To support the releases Hayley sent a long message in a form of a newsletter where she talks about this deluxe vinyl, diary entries, past three years and Paramore. Click read more to access it.

She Shreds interviews Hayley on business and music

Taking a break from recording Paramore’s sixth studio album, Hayley Williams sat down with She Shreds to talk about building a business, being a good leader, making mistakes, making dedication to protect her community, being a part of promo campaigns and being able to find balance between music and entrepreneurship. Click HERE to read the article based on the interview or watch it in full below. Below we post some quotes.

Zac Farro chats with Dork on their podcast

With his new album under the Halfnoise name, Motif, coming on 5th November, Zac Farro chatted to Dork for their Down with Boring podcast. Paramore drummer talks his new studio record, the inspiration behind the record or being superstitious. You can listen to the conversation below.

Hayley chats with Song Start about creativity

Here’s to another podcast with Hayley Williams! This time she chatted with Olivia Reid for Song Smart about sustainable creativity and how to get out of burnout. Hayley shared how mental health affects our creative muscles, and the way she’s strengthened those muscles over the course of her almost two-decade long career. Also she shared tools, tips, and wisdom on how to best prepare and protect oneself from the pitfalls of burnout and talked demoing new songs with Paramore.

Hayley talks her looks being a Halloween inspiration

Hayley Williams and Brian O’Connor had a chat with Amanda Krause from Insider about Halloween inspirations coming from Hayley’s looks. 

„It’s so crazy that it ever started in the first place to get to a point where people will do it for Halloween,” she said. „I can remember it starting out — just being on tour, looking into the crowd, and being like, 'Oh, that’s my hairstyle!'” Of course hairstyle isn’t everything what is being replicated. „One of the craziest memories for me tied to people emulating the looks we’ve done was walking into a Halloween store somewhere on tour and there was just this wig called 'Emo Angsty Girl’ or 'Emo Angsty Teenager’ — something like that,” Hayley said.

„You know how they can’t use the actual names of anything because it’s all copyrighted or whatever? It was literally the look that Brian created for Misery Business; the look that put he and I put on the map in that world,” she continued. „It was just so funny. I should’ve bought it. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Click here to read the interview. 

Hayley joins Ron’s Gone Wrong animated film cast [updated]

According to IMBd, Hayley Williams gave her voice to a character from an upcoming Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/20th Century Studios computer-animated film, Ron’s Gone Wrong.

The cast list states Hayley voiced Miss Thomas, the main character’s teacher. It’s a small role. Hayley hasn’t commented on it yet. The movie is scheduled for release on October 22.

UPDATE: On Twitter Hayley denied the news writing: “first time hearing about this… just been home minding my busines”.

Flowers for Vases / Descansos debuts on Billboard 200!

Following a vinyl release, Hayley Williams’ second solo album Flowers for Vases / Descansos debuts at #4 on the vinyl chart in the US. 

The album is also #189 on Billboard 200, debuting without a physical CD release which according to Hayley’s recent tweet, is in works. Click HERE to read about Petals for Armor charts performance from its debut week and HERE to read about Flowers for Vases / Descansos performance only after digital release.